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We are the sole international retail agent for the corporate services of the Gambia Business Enterprise Zone and its iCommerce Registry, a world leading purveyor of offshore banking, insurance and IBC companies and other financial and Gaming Licenses. We began marketing mainly Gambian offshore banking companies but now we have gone beyond our specialisation and can register a fully legal and functioning bank for you in many other jurisdictions such as St Vincent, the Cayman Islands, Vanuatu, Comoros, and others.

Offshore Banks are the ultimate & most powerful corporate vehlcle to accomplish your financial and business objectives in today's business world.

We offer the basic banking companies with offshore licenses for you to carry on offshore banking and we also offer a variety of other highly important support products and services such as:

  • Instant GUARANTEED correspondent bank accounts
  • SWIFT connectivity at various levels
  • Banking software by leading manufacturers
  • AML/CFT customised manualisation
  • Full nominee services
  • Complete Bank management contracts
  • Online & Phone Payment Apps & Systems for your bank
  • Interactive secure banking websites
  • Virtual offices and international telephone numbers
  • Full support services in your post-incorporation period

We are the only international firm that offers this full range of services to establish your bank in as little as 48 hours depending on the jurisdiction chosen.
We have new Hong Kong offices and affiliations with a number of international banks that can further your new bank’s interests & development with a variety of TURN-KEY packages and solutions.

WE OFFER THE LOWEST COSTS WORLDWIDE FOR BANK FORMATIONS and the quickest service available in the world today - all with a minimum of questions and requirements asked. Total anonymity is assured.

The potential to make multi-million profits by owning and controlling your own private offshore bank is limited only by your imagination. Get all the power, clout and prestige which only banks have. Issue your own credit ratings, issue your own credit cards and traveller’s cheques, write your own letters of credit and Bank Guarantees – you can now do countless financial operations which are the domain of the major banks only.

Owning your own in-house offshore bank is much less expensive than you may think and is a completely do-able next step for your business growth. Ownership of your own private offshore bank will propel you and your business to the forefront of the international business and finance world, will protect your assets and will open countless new, profitable doors in the business world that were previously locked and beyond reach. Take the next step forward to put your business at the front of the line by owning a private offshore bank.

★ Anyone Can Buy ★ Paid-up Capital Exemptions in selected jurisdictions ★ No Reserve Requirements ★ No Financial Reports ★ No Audits ★ Maximum Anonymity ★ Wide variety of Bank Names still available

If you feel you might not qualify, or you want an extra layer of anonymity, you can still acquire your own private Offshore Bank using our Pre-Qualified Directors Service ™. Our experienced nominee bank directors, who meet all government requirements and will obtain your bank charter for you in a matter of just days.



act now…
only a limited number of our private offshore banks are available
We have obtained government permission to pre-incorporated a small number of banks and insurance companies with our qualified directors. No other broker or agent has such pre-incorporated banks available. All other jurisdictions except The Gambia no longer permit these.

Some of these banking and insurance entities have been incorporated with specific names while others are incorporated with only their corporate numbers pending your choice of name. They are all off-the-shelf and ready to be acquired by you at 1980’s prices in as little as 48 hours. Click the links below to acquire the best, most flexible and least expensive banking and corporate vehicles available….with minimum hassles. The possibilities are limitless for making huge profits and pushing your businesses forward with your own offshore bank, savings & loan association or insurance company. You can buy these NOW – with Mediterranean Business Services you don’t have long waits nor astronomically high prices. Affordable prices are here NOW, for you.

No other company has offshore banks so easily available, much less at these prices. Take action now while our entities are available. Click on the links below and take advantage now of a unique financial and business opportunity.

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