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Our banks are set up in a variety of jurisdictions which include: Vanuatu, St. Vincent, Cook Islands, The Gambia, Samoa, Comoro Islands, Cayman Islands and other jurisdictions. Depending on your budget, requirements and personal or business qualifications, we will match you up with the best and most viable jurisdiction most likely to grant you a banking licence on the best terms. We endeavour to get you the best, quickest and least expensive bank possible.

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Each jurisdiction has their own tariffs and requirements. We do our best to get you a licence in your preferred jurisdiction. However, if your personal or corporate situation will not adequately qualify, we will suggest suitable alternative jurisdictions where your application is guaranteed to meet with success.

We try to get you exemptions, wherever possible, to paid-up capitalisation requirements. Most jurisdictions require the promoters of new banks to put up a guarantee or warranty bond or assets on deposit with them worth a certain amount to guarantee the performance of a bank and as a measure of safety to secure and underpin their depositors’ monies. In countries like The Bahamas and the Cayman Islands capital requirements are usually several million US dollars (in addition to incorporation and other sundry costs). These funds maybe held by the governments during the length of time the bank is in operation to insure its proper funding, functioning and the payment of all of its debts. Countries such as Vanuatu and Samoa require much less, usually 100 – 250 thousand dollars. However, many times we are able to get exemptions from paid–up capital requirements. Countries such as The Gambia and the Comoro Islands are the easiest in which to obtain exemptions.

Top tier jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands and The Bahamas can take as much as a year to incorporate and have many more requirements than second tier jurisdictions. These all require a “bricks and mortar” physical presence for your bank in the jurisdiction and employees; namely, a full working bank with complete premises and employees in the country. Other jurisdictions permit your bank to be represented by qualified agents such as incorporation agents, accountants, auditors and similar representatives. The Gambia permits an offshore bank to be represented by local agent. The Gambia is nowadays the easiest and most economical country from which to operate your bank – it imposes the least restrictions and lets you run your bank from anywhere in the world. This results in much lower operating costs.

Choosing a Jurisdiction

Our staff will assist you in choosing the right jurisdiction for you and we are able to offer advice on the best countries to set up your bank. We will always take in to a count your budget, preferences and other requirements. Currently, the least expensive country in the world to set up an offshore bank, the quickest and the one with an absolute minimum of requirements is The Gambia. The current time our firm takes to incorporate a bank in The Gambia, once your application is lodged and funds are received is only two to three (2 – 3) working days. The Gambia’s offshore sector is completely computerised and the current total incorporation cost are only £24,990, the least of any country in the world. This includes Resident Agent and Registered Office fees. There are also ZERO TAXES levied on the Gambian offshore banks which we incorporate.

The paperwork required for The Gambia much less than other jurisdictions and can be completed in a single day. There are no requirements to be a director or shareholder and only one piece of state-issued ID and a proof of address not older than three months is required. The Gambia is an excellent and highly recommended jurisdiction with a state-of-the-art offshore sector and the most modern offshore legislation that is flexible and investor-friendly.

The Gambia is NOT on the OECD nor FATF blacklist of uncooperative tax havens. It is a clean, pristine tax-free jurisdiction. Following recent elections and a peaceful transition of power, it has a newly-elected, world-recognised democratic government. It is also a touristic haven popular with thousands of European and worldwide tourists flocking to its beaches and national parks annually. It is a country whose offshore sector is business friendly and very welcoming of foreign investment. It has done away with burdensome, costly and time-consuming bureaucratic regulations and it assures total anonymity.

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We have been setting up banks, insurance companies and international business companies since 2013 in the Gambia when its tax-free Business Enterprise Zone was established, working closely with our contacts in the government to ensure a prompt and reliable service. Gambian Offshore Banks have the following features :

  • No reserve requirements in most cases
  • No required financial reports
  • No audits required
  • Exemptions for paid up capital requirements for our clients (unless for a Full license which enables domestic banking in The Gambia)
  • No requirements to qualify as directors or shareholders
  • No lengthy Background Checks
  • No requirements as to how offshore banking entities invest their funds
  • Banks can be run from anywhere in the world
  • No limitation on the number, type or location of your customers.
  • You can be in business virtually immediately
  • Full post-incorporation support services as required
  • ….And ZERO taxes on profits!

Thus, The Gambia offers the Minimum of requirements & costs for the Maximum of Benefits.

Bank Packages Available

We offer a variety of the bank packages that include all of the items you will need to have a fully operational Turn-key bank in minimum time. Among the items we can procure for your bank are:

  • GUARANTEED IMMEDIATE Correspondent Bank Accounts – so you can be operational immediately. 20+ currencies available
  • SWIFT connectivity
  • Premium quality Banking Software by PROBANX
  • Interactive online banking websites
  • Full Bank Managements Services
  • Visa/MasterCard Offshore Payment App to receive customer deposits & payments (also includes other cards and payment platforms)
  • AML/CFT customised manualisation for your bank
  • Nominee Director & Shareholder Services
  • Customised Services & Re-invoicing
  • London Virtual Offices w/professional switchboard & international telephone numbers

You can purchase a banking company with license by itself or as part of a package including any or all of the above additional items – whatever you and your business require.

There is no other more comprehensive and powerful a business tool in today’s corporate world than having your own private offshore bank. To get started or to find out more about our banking offers, please fill out the short form below and we will get you started on the path to owning and controlling your own private offshore bank.

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