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How to Make Money with your Private Offshore Bank

Here are some things you can do to make money with your own offshore Bank:

Draw up your own banking instruments (e.g. bonds, securities &c).
These can be used in a variety of ways not to be covered in depth here due to space limitations. You may issue letters of credit for yourself, certificates of deposit, provided funds are indeed there (don’t do it otherwise,….

Issue bank guarantees for your own business.
Many companies such as building contractors often need to present bonds and guarantees in order to win contracts. With your own private bank, instead of having to pay hefty costs and often not qualifying for these from banks, you can instead issue your own.

Boost your corporate image by retaining your very own bank.
This can facilitate business no end: whether you are involved in import-export trade, in industrial manufacturing, in upmarket financial services, or simply want to impress your business associates and gain a cutting edge against your competitors – an offshore bank is probably the most powerful business tool money can buy.

Grant yourself constructive credit ratings.
Fed up with hopping around, currying favor with loan sharks and paying exorbitant sums to “credit repair” agencies that can’t really do a thing for you anyway, except sing sweet, harmless odes to deaf ears? Why not do it the banks’ way instead? With your own offshore bank, it’s a totally new world to explore – grant yourself the credit rating you deserve and make good use of it in your other financial operations.

Grant your own loans and mortgages.
Many people owning offshore banks use their banks as an excellent way of legally funneling profits offshore and minimizing on taxes.With your own private bank you could use a number of legal bank strategies to reduce your taxload and maybe even say goodbye to taxes forever.

Manage your own Visa and Mastercard programmes.
Private banks are allowed to run their own Visa and Mastercard Programmes
And issue these credit and debit cards to the general public.

Issue Traveller’s Cheques and other monetary instruments
Many private banks issue their own Traveller’s Cheques and other monetary instruments which can be a huge source of profit.

Enter Forex markets at bank level.
With your own private bank you could enter the lucrative world of foreign exchange markets with all of the inside benefits banks have over individuals.

Enter the global stock markets as a banking institution.
You can use your private bank to enter global stock markets that are unaccessible to individuals and companies that are not banks.

Seize your own assets before your creditors do.
Don’t twiddle thumbs while the vultures are blithely hacking away at your life’s work: with our insider strategy, you will be able to employ your bank to lay its hands (i.e. yours!) on your assets before anyone else does. Buy out your own debt for a song, stage your own “friendly self-takeover” and make exorbitant profits – absolutely legally, too, provided you know the proper way to do it!

In summary, imagine the things you could do to facilitate your way in the business world if you could control and dictate what your bank does and says about you…owning your own private offshore bank is the ultimate in offshore strategy, power and flexibility – from creating your own money by way of full-fledged banking or simply by using the leverage and prestige of operating as a banking institution, having your own private offshore bank is the ultimate in offshore standing that will let you achieve limitless possibilities.

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