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As you probably know, nowadays you can incorporate a company in almost all major onshore jurisdictions easily, online on your own directly with the government. However the great drawback is that all of these are onshore with all of the negative tax and confidentiality implications those have. The major drawback to DIY incorporations online is also that to incorporate in any jurisdiction you need a LOCAL registered agent to receive service of process. That's why everyone resorts to using company formation agents (who provide the local agent), they are the middlemen and that's why offshore incorporations are much more expensive than onshore ones. Additionally, it is the middlemen who demand a lot more unnecessary information from clients which many feel is a breach of their confidentiality/anonymity. Now, in concert with The Gambia Business Enterprise Zone (BEZ), Mediterranean Business Services can provide those resident agent services automatically and we have it within our gift to ask only the minimum of information we feel is reasonably necessary for good governance and due diligence. No other offshore jurisdiction in the world, that we are aware of, has instant online company incorporations where you just fill out the information and instantly get your documents online. The Gambia & Mediterranean Business Services are the first to do this with the BEZ.

DIY Incorporation Benefits:

  1. Fill out a few simple questions to start the process
  2. Pay the £400 fee via credit card
  3. Get your BEZ offshore company documents automatically online

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Company formations that don't require bank, insurance, or other licenses

You can also have a bank account to go with your offshore company, something which is very difficult to get these days, and its instantly available as well. This provides our clients with the key things they usually look for:

  • DIY Instantaneous incorporation (without middlemen) w/ documents available on-the-spot
  • Offshore benefits (zero tax & confidentiality)
  • Instant Bank Account

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