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In addition to banks, the Republic of The Gambia’s iCommerce Registry offers a number of offshore financial licenses that permit a variety of financial activities with certain limitations. We offer the following company and license types:


A Stored Value Facility (SVF) is permitted to provide offshore banking services to the general public. They can take deposits and administer client funds and provide, in general, almost all banking services for which they charge fees. They are NOT permitted however, to invest depositor funds. These must be held in ring fenced accounts at major banks. Examples of SVF’s are CashPlus in the U.K. and Virgin Money. An SVF may not use the word “Bank” in its name. Fees for this type of License are GBP £16,000


A Foreign Exchange Business License permits the holder to deal in all transactions related to the exchange of currencies on an offshore basis. Fee for this license is GBP £13,000.


Permits the holder to deal in the sales and exchange of securities on an offshore basis. Fee for this license is £13,000.

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These are essentially the same as banks, but are owned by a group of depositors that operate them and in that sense are more restricted as to clientele than banks. This type of license may be better suited for those seeking to provide banking services to a limited group of clients. S & L’s and Credit Unions also generally provide less banking and investment services to their depositors, gearing their activities generally to savings as opposed to investment of client funds. Fees for a Savings & Loan Association or a Credit Union are GBP £16,000

Our firm can assist in acquiring or setting up any of these licenses and institutions in the politically stable, economically burgeoning Business Enterprise Zone of The Gambia, West Africa’s most popular resort that attracts several hundred thousand mostly European tourists to its lush sandy beaches every year. All of these licenses permit offshore operations in a TAX FREE environment. The Gambia’s jurisdiction has quickly become the world’s best location for the incorporation of banks, insurance companies, IBC companies as well as for obtaining the financial licenses listed here. The Gambia offers a wide range of very favourable and tax-advantageous bank and company laws that permit easy and inexpensive incorporation and business operation with maximum anonymity and flexibility.

The Gambia is NOT on the OECD and FATF blacklist of uncooperative tax havens. You will be incorporating in a clean, pristine tax-free jurisdiction and an absolute minimum of requirements means you can be up and running without having to deal with burdensome, costly bureaucratic regulations. Your anonymity is totally preserved as the directors and owners are not put on the public record. To incorporate, we only need the following information in the form below together with your payment of our extremely low fee of just GBP £16,900.

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