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Many high net worth individuals and companies want the many benefits and flexibility of offshore bank accounts – the Anonymity, Privacy, Flexibility, the many advantages for tax planning, the lack of bureaucratic hassle connected with onshore accounts, much greater bank flexibility and much broader range of investment products, the personalised services…and usually the higher interest rates paid – these are just a few of the countless benefits of offshore banking, either for yourself or your company.

What’s the catch? Unless they have millions, nowadays average people and companies are finding it in effect nearly impossible to open offshore accounts. Americans and those with what are considered “high risk” businesses (such as casinos or finance-related businesses) in particular, have been hit with a plethora of new, restrictive legislation with global reach, such as FATCA and the Patriot Act, which have effectively put offshore accounts out of the reach of the vast majority of people and businesses wanting to have their accounts offshore.

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If you have been seeking offshore accounts and are tired of refusal after refusal from banks telling you that you or your business don’t qualify. Americans find that the far-reaching FACTA legislation adversely affects them literally in every single country in the world. Most banks have found compliance with this law so costly and problematic that they have decided to NOT offer account to ANY Americans at all – even non-citizens with the most minimal links to the USA.

However, there is now a LOW-COST, NO HASSLES, IMMEDIATE, solution

Through Our Network of International Banks, We Offer Virtually Instant Offshore Accounts - immediately available for Individuals and Businesses via our correspondent banks.

Starting at just £3,100 for individuals of ANY NATIONALITY and £4,100 for companies doing ANY CATEGORY of business, our network of select international Offshore Banks will provide you with your private, secure offshore bank account. No long-drawn-out application process, no huge dossier of paperwork to prepare for acceptance, no rejections because of your nationality or type of business.

Quick • Easy • Immediate • Minimum paperwork!

Most of the banks in our network are chartered in NON-FATCA countries and the majority of them do NOT have private treaties with the USA, EU or any other government for the exchange of private information. All are chartered in countries with the strictest privacy protection laws available in the world today. However, for convenience, they are European-based and all have private online banking so you can access your account online from anywhere in the world 24/7.

The benefits are many:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Complete Anonymity
  • 24 Hour Account Set-Up
  • No tax on your Interest
  • Secure Online Private Banking 24/7
  • VISA / MasterCard debit cards top access your money at thousands of ATM’s & banks worldwide
  • High Interest Yields
  • Flexible, Personalised Service
  • Access to an excellent rage of Investment Products
  • Access to Personalised Investment & Portfolio

If you want an offshore account, most other company formation agents will set up a company for you in an average of a week or more and then, for an extra fee, will do no more than send you lengthy applications to open an account, which usually have to be notarised and sent to a bank for their usual lengthy, protracted application period – for your fee you get no more than an application form forwarder, ostensibly with their recommendation to the bank, but it takes just as long as if you went and got the application and applied on your own. A good 50% of such applications get rejected. Most Americans get their applications rejected right offhand…but the fee is charged regardless of whether the application is successful or not.



If you want your OFFSHORE account NOW, with no further waiting, no massive amount of paperwork,CLICK HERE for your application and have your account in as little as 24 hours.

We will direct you to our PRE-APPROVED APPLICATION. All you need to do is to complete the application and provide two pieces of Due Diligence information which you can email to us. We willgive you a reply with a pro-forma invoice and bank details for wiring your payment. You will receive a Private Personal Welcome Packet from your new bank with your account details, Account and PIN numbers.


An Even More Special Deal….


Don’t have an offshore company yet? Would you like your own private offshore International Business Company + a Private Offshore Business Account? We offer our PRIMEOFFSHORE BUSINESS PACKAGE deal which includes

  • Your Own Gambian Offshore IBC Corporation
  • Private Offshore Business Account
An unbeatable business package for only £4,100, ready to go in 48 Hrs.We will get you set up with an all-purpose Gambian offshore company, together with its own offshore account for just £4,100. All you need to do is to go to our contact page and tell us you want our unbeatable PRIME OFFSHORE BUSINESS PACKAGE and tell us the name of the company you would like. We will get back to you and get your company set up in 48 hrs.

We will send you the relevant application together with a pro forma invoice as well as bank details to make payment. Your company can be up and running almost immediately. You will have no lengthy delays rounding up a plethora of documents and certified copies usually required by most banks. There will be no prying lengthy questions about all aspects of your private and business life unlike most other banks require nowadays.


You will get fast, functional and immediate service with no hassles and an absolute minimum of paperwork. Instead of a long, drawn out, lingering formation and account opening time wastage, you can instead focus on getting your business going.

CLICK HERE to contact us, let us know the name of the company you want in your PRIME OFFSHORE BUSINESS PACKAGE.

Mediterranean Corporate Services seeks to provide inexpensive, quick business solutions, with the minimum of red tape and hassles, to get you in business fast. With our easy offshore accounts and our Prime Offshore Business Package, you can be ready to do business in a matter of days with the very lowest costs possible, yet with all of the benefits and protections of a fully offshore business.


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